Altered Sameness

As both a maker and viewer of art, I believe it functions as a way we can process life. Over time, the same piece observed can come to mean different things, due in part to the personal and emotional context in which the viewer experiences it.

Altered Sameness uses a single self-portrait taken and reprinted. Each image is manipulated through a different method, such as needle and thread, vintage ads and fire. The vastly different media are not unlike the differing states we move through as humans: at times harmonious, other times dissonant.

As the subject, my pose emulates the aesthetic of a paper doll cutout; a blank canvas physically and emotionally. Through it, I both invite the viewer to assign their own meaning, and by being in front of the lens, I can explore myself from a different vantage, as a way to process my own life.

© Gracie Hagen 2015-2016